Tuesday, October 28, 2008


No one wants to work in cramped up working conditions, plus get paid basicially nothing. All over the world sweatshops exist. Many people try to stop it, others are completely for it. Its chea,p and lets be serious, who wantsto do the dirty work.
Although I think sweatshops are not a good thing, it does benefit, it is a job, and its a way of life for some. Think about all the illegal immigrants that come to America for opportunity. They take the jobs that US citizens do not want, and we benefit from that. This is the same sort of idea.

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rachel said...

I have just finished a long paper about sweatshops for my english teacher. Yes sweatshops are cheep, but is it really worth makeing those people suffer so? I am in 8th grade, and if i can come to the concution of no, then everyone else can.